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      Corrugated pipe culvert

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      What is steel corrugated pipe culvert

      Time2015-09-02 16:23
        Steel corrugated culvert pipe is round pipe culvert road building material, cover culvert and small bridge. Products with short duration, light weight, convenient installation, durability, low cost, good plant resistant variant experienced strong impairment after the opening, maintenance cost advantages, by its adaptation to alpine permafrost areas, areas of soft soil subgrade and deep earth region, can save the number of funds, with the surface of the economic benefit.
        Corrugated pipe culvert strengths:
        (1) culvert pipe, corrugated pipe culvert, steel corrugated pipe culvert, corrugated metal culvert suitable variant experienced strong foundation, the foundation bearing experience, flatness requirements are relatively low, the actual cost of construction is lower than similar span bridge, culvert or similar.
        (2) the start of short duration is the most superficial advantage, can be separated from the implementation of pipe and joint installation and civil engineering.
        (3) the implementation of centralized production factory, the production will not be affected by the background, help reduce costs, control quality.
        (4) culvert pipe, corrugated pipe culvert, steel corrugated pipe culvert, the presence of corrugated metal culvert installation convenient, without the use of large-scale equipment.
        (5) solve the northern cold area (Frost) on the bridge and culvert damage of concrete structure.
        (6) the impairment or simply out of common building materials, such as cement, sand, stones, the use of wood, environmental protection significance profound.
        (7) culvert pipe, corrugated pipe culvert, steel corrugated pipe culvert, corrugated metal culvert structure stress situation reasonable things, load distribution, and has certain anti variant experience.
        (8) culvert pipe, corrugated pipe culvert, steel corrugated pipe culvert, corrugated metal culvert think appropriate and use of standard design, production, presupposition is simple, short production cycle.
        (9) corrugated culvert help improve the structure of soft soil foundation and embankment is connected at the two "wrong platform" phenomenon, and comfort of the bridge crane proper growth and safety, impairment after construction operation, maintenance cost.
        Definition of steel corrugated culvert
        Steel corrugated pipe culvert is also called corrugated metal culvert or corrugated culvert pipe, refers to the paved on the road, by a turnbuckle corrugated pipe culvert under railway, which is composed of a corrugated metal plate rolls are made or circular corrugated steel sheet into a semicircle waveform made tubes, widely used in road, railway, bridge, channel, retaining wall and a variety of mine roadway retaining wall engineering of the culvert (tube).
        A hallmark of steel corrugated pipe culvert
        High strength, because of its unique structure makes the corrugated special than the same caliber taxi sensitive territories and compressive strength of more than 15 times larger.
        The transportation is convenient, corrugated pipe culvert weight only the same caliber Shi Min pipe of 1/10 to 1/5, even though there is no transport facilities in a narrow place, artificial also can transport.
        The use of long life, steel corrugated pipe culvert is think appropriate and use hot-dip galvanized steel tube, so the service life is long, life is 80-100 years, in corrosive especially big background application, that uses inside and outside surface asphalt steel corrugated pipe attached layer, can be in the original use fixed number of year survival based on growth of about 20 years.
        The construction is convenient: corrugated pipe culvert is think appropriate and use the sleeve flange forms or signatures, and can be customized according to demand and length, even though the technology skilled workers can operate with manual operation, start small, can be completed in a short time period, both quick and convenient.
        The economy of the good: petition form is simple and convenient, can shorten the construction period.