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      Welcome to Hengshui Qijia Engineering Materials Co., Ltd!
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      Corrugated pipe culvert

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      Several terms of corrugated pipe culvert[ 2015-09-02 ]
      Steel corrugated plate channel metal corrugated plate channel corrugated steel pipe Corrugated pipe culvert in the domestic use since, like in many of his strengths by users, corrugated culvert pipe g
      identify the service life of the corrugated pipe culvert[ 2015-09-02 ]
      Corrugated culvert life is used in the office environment, can guarantee the normal office of the shortest time line or loop back office number. Made of corrugated culvert elastic sealing system, ofte
      Characteristics and application of corrugated pipe culvert[ 2015-09-02 ]
      Hengshui Qijia Engineering Materials Co., Ltd production of steel corrugated pipe culvert with pipe section thin, light weight, convenient transportation and storage, simple construction process, conv
      What is steel corrugated pipe culvert[ 2015-09-02 ]
      Steel corrugated culvert pipe is instead of round pipe culvert road building material quality, cover culvert and small bridge. Products with short duration, light weight, convenient installation, dura
      corrugated steel culvert main material[ 2015-09-02 ]
      The main material of corrugated steel culvert: 1, the tube body: think appropriate and use of Q235A hot rolled steel manufacturing, steel flex strength shall not be less than 235MPa, the tensile stren
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