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      Corrugated pipe culvert

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      Corrugated pipe culvert usage and classification

      Time2015-09-02 16:04
        A, corrugated pipe culvert, steel corrugated culvert pipe, corrugated metal culvert pipe, which is composed of a corrugated metal plate roll press round or circular corrugated steel sheet into a semicircle waveform made tubes, widely used in highway, railway, bridge, channel, retaining wall and a variety of mine, the roadway retaining wall engineering of the culvert "pipe".
        Corrugated two, Hebei Guanglian Steel Structure Company Limited production of the pipe culvert is compared with the reinforced concrete pipe culvert pipe section, has a thin, light weight, convenient transportation and storage, simple construction process, short construction period, rapid assembly such as giant advantage.
        Three, building a corrugated pipe, according to customers need to randomly assembled into any length, when necessary, pipe section also can be dismantled, relocated elsewhere in the building, the lack of bearing capacity is low sand area or ground area, the superiority of the corrugated pipe culvert is more remarkable.
        1, culvert pipe, corrugated pipe culvert, steel corrugated pipe culvert, corrugated metal culvert better adaptability to the foundation deformation, the bearing capacity of foundation, flatness requirements are relatively low, the actual cost of construction is lower than similar span bridge, culvert or similar.
        2, short construction period is the most obvious advantages, can be separated from the implementation of pipe and joint installation and civil engineering.
        3, the factory centralized production, production is not affected by environment, favorable cost reduction, quality control.
        4, culvert pipe, corrugated pipe culvert, steel corrugated pipe culvert, the convenience of corrugated metal culvert pipe installation, without the use of large equipment.
        5, to solve the cold northern regions (Shuang Dong) on the bridge and culvert damage of concrete structure.
        6, reduce or simply abandoned the conventional building materials, such as cement, sand, stones used, wood, environmental protection sense.
        7, culvert pipe, corrugated pipe culvert, steel corrugated pipe culvert, corrugated metal culvert structure stress reasonable, load distribution uniform, and has certain anti deformation ability.
        8, culvert pipe, corrugated pipe culvert, steel corrugated pipe culvert, corrugated metal culvert design using standard, the production, the design is simple, short production cycle.
        9, corrugated culvert is conducive to improving the structure of soft soil foundation and embankment at the junction of the "dislocation" phenomenon, and improve the driving comfort and safety, reduce post construction operations, maintenance cost.
        Characteristics of steel corrugated pipe culvert
        - high strength, because of its unique corrugated structure make the tube compressive strength more than 15 times larger than the same caliber cement.
        - convenient transportation, corrugated pipe culvert weight only the same caliber cement pipe of 1/10 to 1/5, no transport equipment even in narrow places, artificial can also transport.
        - the long service life, steel corrugated pipe culvert is the use of hot-dip galvanized steel tube, so the service life is long, life is 80-100 years, particularly used in corrosive environment, using internal and external surface of asphalt steel corrugated pipe attached layer, can be in the original basis to improve the service life of about 20 years.
        - construction is convenient: corrugated pipe culvert is connected with the sleeve or flange, and can be customized according to the needs of length, even non skilled workers can operate, construction with a small amount of manual operation, can be completed in a short time, quick and convenient.
        Economy: - excellent connection mode is simple, can shorten the construction period.
        1, according to the assembly mode classification
        - Self-contained corrugated Guan Han
        Assembled corrugated - Guan Han
        2, according to the shape classification
        - round
        - Oval
        - arch
        3, classified according to connection
        - the inner flange connection
        - the outer flange connection
        - plate lap
        - clamp connection
        4, according to the processing method of classification
        - strip rolling spiral propulsion curled into a circular wire welding
        - joint forming spiral pipe
        Corrugating two step corrugated pipe - pipe