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      Corrugated pipe culvert

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      Monoblock corrugated culvert

        Monoblock corrugated culvert
        Main usage
        1. Conduit, culvert and negative well corrugated metal culvert of highway, railway and waterway.
        2. Bridge and temporary bridge bearing structure.
        3. City drain pipe, rain pipe and sewage pipe.
        4. Underground utilize, underground common area.
        5. Reconstruction and reinforcement of bridges and culverts.
        Technical advantages
        1. High strength:1.5-3 times stronger than concrete
        2. Light weight:1/15-1/5 weight of same specification concrete weight.
        3. Long service life:normally more than 100 years
        4. Low cost:when the span is larger than 1meter, the bigger the span is, the more obvious it shows
        5. Convenient construction:no need of large machinery, only little manual operation.
        6. Axial direction:can be used in a severe sedimentation area.
        7. Shorten construction period for about half time, save labor charges.
        8. avail to improving the structure of the soft soil foundation and the interlocking of the junction of the embankment, which improves the comfortableness of the car on the bridge.
        9. Environmental, low carbon:Reduce or abandon normal construction materials, like concrete, yellow sand, cobblestone, and woods, which means a lot to environment.
        10. Convenient maintenance, even no need to maintain under certain condition, lower the operating cost.
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